All the expertise to make your projects a success

We meet your every need

For 3 years, KEYBAS has put its skills, knowledge and expertise at your service to design and guarantee innovative, scalable and customized solutions that meet your needs.

We rely on the know-how of our different areas of expertise to ensure that your projects are carried out in a transverse and continuous way.

6 areas of expertise to meet your needs

IT & Engineering

 IT engineering or the expertise of seasoned computer scientists is at your service to develop dedicated, agile IT solutions that improve the management of daily processes.

Our IT & Engineering experts develop solutions such as your sales site, a CRM panel, a professional space to manage your activity, traceability and reliability solutions, etc. available in white label. We also perform UX/UI and Cybersecurity audits.


The use of data to anticipate market needs, manage and optimize internal and external flows.

We have been working for 3 years on IoT boxes that can be implemented in non-connected equipment (retrofit technology). These boxes allow us to have a level of interoperability with the sensors already present on the equipment and to collect data on the life cycle of the equipment and its use.

Internet of Things

IoT or intelligent solutions to take advantage of all technological advances and meet the needs of traceability, reporting, control and location of goods, vehicles or equipment within your company.

Surveillance solutions, intelligent scanners, real-time indoor location systems, flow management systems are available for a better management of your company.

After sales services

A national after-sales network to ensure your maintenance and equipment checks.

A network of more than 100 specialized and chartered partner technicians are available to ensure the maintenance, control, adjustment and updating of your machines, equipment and vehicles to guarantee optimal operation and limit the risk of breakdown and production shutdown.


We offer financing solutions to help you acquire equipment, deploy new solutions, or replenish your cash flow. No more heavy investments and high debt levels that hinder your growth.

Approved by the ORIAS (N°20000861), we offer to buy back part or all of your equipment and to lease it back to you immediately.


Customized support for all your marketing and communication needs.

Our teams have 40 years of experience in marketing, both at the strategic and operational levels, in B2B and B2C environments.