People, technology and energy for an eco-friendly productivity

The difference that makes sens

Based in the Grenoble area, a key territory for innovation, we design solutions that focus on three areas: industry, mobility and energy.

Thanks to our business model based on the use of “disruptive” technologies, we offer solutions adapted to your needs: E-shop, online platform for technical, financial and administrative follow-up, traceability solution, control of equipment and goods, etc.

The circular economy and the economy of use are at the heart of our approach. We assist you in the evolution of your activity towards an eco-responsible productivity.

Our values


The heart of our ecosystem


Our customers & suppliers needs are at the heart of our approach


The common thread of our company


It is the driving force behind our continuous improvement process


Our concept is based on circular economy

In a context of mindset change, new mobilities and the development of the energy transition, we must adapt: alternative energies (electric, hybrid and hydrogen), autonomous cars, blockchain technologies, collaborative economy, communities of consumers, security, regulations are to be taken into account to sustain its activity.

To guide you throughout these changes, we have developed six business units that provide their skills and expertise.

Our experts design innovative solutions to meet new uses and changes in your business.

Mickaël Perrin, CEO

“The uses and behaviors of consumers are constantly evolving, new consumption patterns and technological developments are disrupting the practices of companies. Thanks to its usage-based business model, KEYBAS meets the needs of these changes. Agility is in our DNA, we combine business expertise with the best of technology. Our solutions are developed in a sustainable and responsible economy approach, they meet the challenges of companies: improving their daily work, contributing to their energy management, waste management, etc. Not to mention the promotion of eco-citizen behavior such as the use of second or third hand equipment. It is fundamental for us that KEYBAS’ corporate purpose is no longer just profit without considering the environmental disorders, but rather an approach that serves the environment.”