Mobility within companies

With the implementation of the LOM law, companies have to support mobility on a daily basis.

More and more companies propose solutions around new and alternative mobility to their employees, all grouped under the name “corporate mobility“.

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Mobility management, which has become mandatory for all companies today, is not easy and requires a centralized and automated approach.

KEYBAS is working on providing a connected and automated management platform that centralizes all the points covered by mobility management in companies.

KEYBAS’ solution

An optimized management of all modes of transportation available to your employees.

With the KEYBAS software package, you have full control of the management of your entire transport fleet, all your mobility services and related infrastructures and contribute to the development of corporate mobility.

For example

Your Car Policy – this is a fundamental element of a company’s fleet management. The car policy brings together all the rules for the allocation, use and management of vehicles.

The bricks

of our software

Details of the vehicles in your fleet

Time stamping of vehicle entries and exits

Follow-up of fines / controls

Route management tool

Supervision of your charging stations

Tracking the greening of your fleet

Liaison with users for company vehicles

Reservation schedule for shared vehicles

Management of insurance policies

Management of public transport passes

Manage your employees' expenses and monitor their mobility account

Geolocation of vehicles

Monitoring of fuel consumption

Follow-up of vehicle maintenance

…And many more

Our goal ?

A centralized management platform for companies: manager interface, conveyance user interface, HR interface, etc.

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A partnership ?

We welcome technology partners to contribute to the development of the various modules of our software package.