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How to optimise your productivity and enhance the customer experience of your short term rental site?



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How to optimise your productivity and enhance the customer experience of your short term rental agency?



unique in


KEYBAS presents its unique offer in Europe for Short Term Vehicle Rental Companies.

The solution that allows you to combine IOT technologies and digitalization of the rental process in order to optimize your productivity and increase the customer experience.

An innovation that covers all stages of the customer journey: from online booking to 24/7 return, thanks to IOT-based technologies, innovative equipment and user-friendly interfaces.

A brand new rental model for short-term car rental companies that allows you to stand out and increase the customer experience by offering a service inspired by freefloating! Freedom and flexibility for your customers, optimisation of operations and security for you!

>>On the customer side, an innovative 24/7 access approach, no more queues at the counters to collect or return the vehicle, the pick-up is done without constraint according to the customer’s availability, the process is adapted to the flexibility needs. The latest generation of equipment allows for a secure pick-up in case of problems related to the condition of the vehicle (scratches, dents, etc.). With technology, everything is under control and the user experience is facilitated.

The best of technology to digitalise the customer experience

  • Bodywork scanner
  • Safe deposit box
  • Tracking technology
  • Dedicated application

< Follow the steps in video!

The benefits
for my company

  • Differentiate yourself by offering the best possible service
  • Professional approach to customer issues – 24*7
  • Rapid analysis of the vehicle’s condition on departure and return
  • Optimisation of customer data: plate reading, integration into your customer tracking software
  • Instant location of the vehicle
  • Location history: flow optimisation
  • Minimal staff involvement for vehicle reception and departure
  • Clear and simplified invoicing of damage caused during rental
  • 100% secure site access through dedicated and personalised access codes, surveillance cameras and safe deposit boxes
  • Optimisation of operations and customer experience

The benefits
for my clients

  • Freedom and flexibility: pick-up and drop-off of the vehicle 24 hours a day, 7 days a week.
  • Possibility to extend the rental period online.
  • Quick and easy: book your car online in a few clicks. Accelerated process.
  • Immediate quote for validation
  • Time saving: quick pick-up and drop-off without going to the counter.
  • 100% digitalized process: reservation, contract and payment online via a website and an application
  • Dedicated and personalised access codes
  • Access to vehicle data: on departure and on return.
  • A simple and 100% paperless solution.

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