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KEYBAS workshop

KEYBAS workshop offers a workshop management solution for the automotive, transport, public transport, agriculture, industry and construction sectors: a web portal for technical, financial and administrative follow-up, an online shop for the acquisition of consumables and equipment, via its specific financing offers.

Equipment Acquisition

A KEYBAS eshop dedicated to workshop equipment, consumables and tools, to benefit from an all-inclusive service solution.

Workshops management

A Pro Space to manage the management of your workshops: global view, budget, intervention documents, order traceability?


Checking the state of vehicles

Indispensable tools for checking the condition of vehicles and providing a fast, reliable and appropriate response to customers.










Local authority

You know it…

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Equipment evolves, new technologies appear and manufacturers add new functionalities to their products on a regular basis.

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Breakdowns often occur after the manufacturer's warranty...

Not to mention the equipment, which is only guaranteed for one year by the manufacturers.

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It is essential to avoid any danger

The equipment requires precise control to avoid any incidents or endangering your employees.

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It is difficult to adapt to new standards

Standards are becoming more and more advanced, manufacturers’ requirements are changing and are updated once a year – these updates are expensive!

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It is impossible to know the cost of breakdowns, upgrades & repairs.

The costs of maintenance, tool updates and repairs are a drain on your cash flow…

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Administrative management is time-consuming

The management of a workshop is time consuming and information is not always accessible on the day of an inspection.

years of expertise



of leading brands referenced

after-sales services partners in France

centres of expertise

An eshop dedicated to equipment & consumables for your workshops

    New and second-hand equipment by subscription

    • More than 100,000 references
    • Installation, delivery, soil surveys, inspections, maintenance: all services are included!

    Support from A to Z


    With our “all-inclusive” formula, they are delivered, installed, guaranteed, maintained and annually checked by our after-sales service team, for a controlled monthly cost, with a minimum commitment of 3 years.

    Your employees work in a secure working environment with faultless equipment. This reduces the risk of accidents. KEYBAS workshop takes care of controlling your equipment and ensuring that it complies with current regulations, a real time-saver for the management of your workshop.

    A network of After-Sales Service throughout France

    An after-sales service network of more than 100 specialised partner technicians are available to ensure the maintenance, control, adjustment and updating of your machines to guarantee optimal operation and limit the risk of breakdown and production interruption.

    The average number of interventions in France for a repair is 1.8. We work with manufacturers so that our professionals can obtain the spare parts essential to the repair of your equipment. Our objective? One and only one intervention for any repair. This limits machine downtime and ensures your productivity.

    With my pro space, I can save up to 20% on my consumables.

      With my Pro Space, I can save up to 20% on my consumables. A 100% personalised online management tool, to centralise and optimise the administrative management and control of your workshops.

      Dashboards enable you to instantly identify your next maintenance or control operations or the state of your consumption.

      Quick to set up and with no installation required, the Pro Space gives you total visibility in real time on the activity of your workshops. You define the role of your employees and allocate them to each of the decision-making and budgetary attributions. Thanks to advanced user rights management, you constantly monitor who does what, when, where and how.

      Your dedicated myShop

      The Pro Space gives you access to your personalised online shop: the myShop. You set the parameters of the suppliers you want, whether or not they are part of Keybas manufacturers. Whether you want to buy your consumables or acquire equipment, you have only one entry point for all your purchases and replenishments, your myShop!

      Your documents are centralised and secure

      All your orders are listed on your Pro Space. This gives you access to your consumption history. Your invoices, regulatory and mandatory documents inherent to your workshops, but also your workshop equipment, administrative documents, insurance, visit reports, certificates of conformity, safety register… You have the possibility of centralising everything to organise your daily life and ensure simple and quick access to your data in complete security.

      We also provide you with complete traceability of all your documents necessary for the proper management of your workshop.


      the weight of consumables

      Consumables represent between 8% and 11% of a workshop’s annual revenue.


      savings on your consumables

      The control of consumable expenses (via the Pro Space) can represent up to 20% savings.

      fine for non-compliance with the annual verification of equipment

      For each employee and in the event of an accident, the head of the establishment, director, manager or employee, notwithstanding civil proceedings, may be held criminally liable with penalties of up to 5 years imprisonment and a fine of up to 75,000 euros.

      Obsolescence is history

      Your equipment no longer meets the needs of the field? Do you need to equip yourself to cope with new technologies? Opting for the Keybas user solution means opting for material, operational and financial peace of mind. Every 3 years, you have the possibility of renewing your equipment and taking advantage of the latest equipment. No more need to worry about technological developments!

      Whether you want to equip your entire workshop or replace only certain used equipment, you evolve at your own pace and according to your needs.

      The right equipment for every use, and quality for everyone.

      Checking the state of vehicles

      Intelligent scanners to analyse the condition of tyres and vehicle bodywork with minimal or no involvement of workshop staff. Essential tools for checking the condition of vehicles and providing a fast, reliable and satisfying response to customers.

      In less than 5 minutes, these scanners make a complete analysis and enable the identification of repairs to be carried out.

      Coupled with our workshop data management system, the generation,the submission and the acceptance of the quotation by the client is done automatically without the intervention of the garage owner.

      Among our partners suppliers

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