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KEYBAS mobility

The latest IoT (Internet of Things) technologies to meet the challenges of process optimization and traceability for your operations.


Flow management indoor / outdoor

Trace the flow, locate the equipment or vehicles and identify the position or the last person who has used it.


Use intelligent scanning devices to automate tasks, increasing productivity and speed of repairs to be made analysis.

24/7 Service

A 100% digitalized and optimized customer experience that offers greater freedom and flexibility.

Flow management indoor / outdoor

Locate in real time your equipment, pallets, machines or incoming vehicles… thanks to the new tracking technologies.

You can track your equipment at any time, record its movement history and identify the last person to have used it.

You manage equipment flow in order to reduce material losses by associating a piece of equipment with a manager.

Vehicle tracking

Thanks to the location of your vehicles, you can analyze the time spent on each workstation, and optimize its downtime to ensure your productivity.

    • Instant location of the vehicle in your workshops
    • Location history: flow optimization
    • Minimal involvement of workshop staff for the reception and departure of vehicles
    • Vehicle tracking in the different workshops and workstations
    • Repair time and vehicle immobilization time known for you and your customer

> Read our case study on used vehicles reconditioning.


Intelligent scanners analyze tires and vehicle bodywork condition, or electric vehicle batteries, with minimal or no involvement of workshop staff. These are essential tools to check the car condition and provide a professional, fast, and reliable response to customers.

In less than 5 minutes these scanners do a full analysis and identify the repairs to be done. Coupled with our workshop data management system, generation, submission and acceptance of the estimate by your customers are done automatically and remotely, without the mechanic intervention.



  • You have an objective, complete and simple diagnosis to provide to your customer.
  • The vehicle data is integrated into your customer tracking software with the vehicle’s repair history.
  • The diagnosis is immediate, the estimate is sent directly to your customer on his phone to (in)validate the repairs and pay remotely.
  • You improve customer experience and loyalty.
  • Your customer has a reliable diagnosis of his vehicle and can immediately identifies the repairs to be made. He receives an estimate with the repairs to be done, as well as the choice of equipment or spare parts.
  • He has the choice and the possibility to validate or invalidate a repair. The estimate and the payment are immediate and remote.
  • Your customer have access to the follow-up of the vehicle’s repairs in real time, just as one would follow an order made on a commercial website.





  • Customer data optimization : license plate reading, integration into your customer tracking software
  • Instant location of the vehicle in your workshop
  • Customer service time optimization (online processes under control)
  • Location history: flow optimization
  • Minimal involvement of the workshop staff for the reception and return of the vehicles
  • Vehicle tracking in the different workshops and workstations
  • Revenue growth


  • 24/7 vehicle deposit service – freedom and flexibility: greater freedom for the customer who no longer depends on your opening hours
  • Time saving : no more waiting in line to drop off vehicles
  • Immediate identification of vehicle data
  • Immediate online quotation for validation
  • Real time operations tracking
  • Online repairs payment
  • 24 hour / 7 day service
  • Known repair time and downtime of the vehicle
  • Improved customer experience

“We bring together the best equipment and technologies on the market to enable aftermarket players to digitalize their workflows, from vehicle reception to return, and thus offer customers a customised experience. This approach allows workshops to stand out, to have a better managing of their schedules and, above all, to gain productivity by automating key functions. “

Mickaël Perrin, CEO


KEYBAS offers financing solutions to help you deploy our mobility solutions.

Our offer allows you to acquire the equipment linked to these mobility solutions thanks to a monthly subscription; a clear and controlled operating budget with no renewal obligation.

All our equipment*: bodywork scanner, tyre scanner, 24/7 reception box, autonomous robot, etc. are delivered, installed, guaranteed, maintained and checked annually by our chartered after-sales service team throughout the duration of your subscription.

*Depending on the type of equipment

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