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KEYBAS Finance

KEYBAS offers financing solutions to help you acquire your equipment, deploy new solutions, or to replenish your cash flow.










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Customer benefits

Do you need cash? 2 solutions are available to you:
subscription and/or takeover of your assets

A subscription for you to equip yourself without breaking the bank

Our subscription offer allows you to acquire equipment via a monthly subscription; a clear and controlled operating budget with no obligation to renew. You can renew your equipment every 3 years and take advantage of the latest equipment.

The advantage of a subscription is not only the acquisition of equipment at a lower cost. It’s above all, it’s a complete service from A to Z! All the equipment*: lifts, measuring and balancing devices, tyre changers, electrical terminals, etc… is delivered, installed, guaranteed, maintained and checked annually by our team of chartered after-sales service staff, for a controlled monthly cost, for the duration of your subscription.


Your equipment is taken care of with our usage solution with a network of more than 100 after-sales service partners throughout France.


With our KEYBAS Finance subscription offer, your monthly payments become deductible charges.

A plus for your tax situation! You thus preserve your cash flow.

How can you ensure the financial health of your company?

No more heavy investments and high levels of debt that hamper your growth. Keybas financial offers provide you with security: regain control of your workshop budget, while opting for regular re-equipment!

Accredited by the ORIAS (N°20000861), Keybas offers to buy back some or all of your equipment and rent it back to you immediately.

What is leaseback?

Generally used for equity transactions, leaseback quickly strengthens a cash position in arrears. If the seller no longer owns the equipment, he retains its use for the duration of the contract. On the basis of this simple principle, MRAs, dealers and other players in the automotive aftermarket sector can thus sell their equipment to KEYBAS and benefit from an immediate cash gain with a cheque corresponding to the net book value of the equipment.

Leaseback standard

You keep your equipment. After an audit, KEYBAS buys it back from you. You get an immediate payment while keeping your equipment. You therefore retain the use of it through a controlled monthly subscription. No service is offered on this Standard Lease-Back offer.

Leaseback PLUS

You keep your equipment and KEYBAS offers you a complete service package: maintenance, monitoring of regulatory controls, updates and a full guarantee. The operating mode remains the same: audit of the equipment, transfer of the equipment to KEYBAS, immediate payment to the customer and implementation of a subscription offer including all services.

Supplier advantages

Specialist in financial leasing

We provide you with advice to develop your sales by finding suitable financing solutions. We are present at your side during all stages of your sales process, from negotiation to financing.

You have experts at your side who know your sector of activity

You offer your customers financial and tax advantages

You no longer manage the risk of non-payment

You diversify your financing offers (leasing, LOA, Leaseback, etc.).

You build loyalty in your customer portfolio by offering equipment renewal.

You approach new customers with a logic of use and an “all-inclusive” service provision.


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