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Our national after-sales service network

KEYBAS After-sales Service

KEYBAS After-sales service is supplied by many manufacturers for the installation, commissioning, servicing and maintenance of all garage and industrial equipment. We also intervene for the control and conformity of your equipment.











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With our “all-inclusive” formula, all your equipment is delivered, installed, guaranteed, maintained and annually checked by our chartered after-sales service team, for a controlled monthly cost, with a minimum commitment of 3 years.

Your employees work in a secure working environment with faultless equipment. This reduces the risk of accidents.

KEYBAS After-sales service takes care of checking your equipment, and ensures that it complies with the regulations in force, a real gain in time and productivity.

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A network of after-sales service providers throughout France

An after-sales service network of more than 100 specialised and chartered partner technicians are available to ensure the maintenance, control, adjustment and updating of your machines to guarantee optimal operation and limit the risk of breakdown and production interruption.

The average number of interventions in France for a repair is 1.8. We work with manufacturers so that our professionals can obtain the spare parts essential to the repair of your equipment. Our objective? One and only one intervention for any repair. This limits machine downtime and ensures your productivity.

Our  guarantees

Entrusting us with your maintenance means having the assurance that your equipment is repaired by specialised technicians who are regularly trained in new technologies.

Fast intervention
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More than 80% of the leading partner brands

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100 qualified technicians throughout France

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Predictive, preventive and curative maintenance

At KEYBAS after-sales service we know that the concern for many companies is to ensure that equipment will function as required with the minimum possible maintenance during its life cycle.

This is why KEYBASafter-sales service offers you a CMMS solution that enables you to plan and manage your maintenance interventions, find the entire history of your machines, easily manage your spare parts and, above all, anticipate and prevent any breakdowns. All this is possible thanks to the latest technologies available on the market that will allow predictive, preventive or curative maintenance.

The result: saving time and money!


 Monitor and predict when equipment could fail and prevent it through maintenance.


Maintain equipment based on the assumption that it will deteriorate over time, as defined by the OEM or life statistics. The equipment will be replaced or repaired before it fails.


Repair or replacement of a faulty element in order to restore it to all the qualities necessary for its proper functioning and use.