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Energy audit

Energy audit

KEYBAS contributes to environmental initiatives via its subsidiary, “KB energy”, which is dedicated to the integration of alternative energies (electricity, hydrogen, NGV, etc …) to facilitate your energy transition.

What is our added value? “KB energy” is an independent approach, a business expertise, that enables us to analyse your existing and future needs in terms of sustainable solutions (existing fleet, existing charging stations, future fleet, future charging stations…).

What is our difference?  We offer a unique turnkey solution for EV charging stations installation. An all-inclusive 5-year package including : advice in the choice of equipment, the supply of charging stations or charging points, the obtaining of eligible aid, installation, commissioning, supervision, maintenance, and a full 5-year warranty.

Energy audit

Optimise your electricity consumption thanks to Keybas Energy Audit !


This audit is strongly recommended before any installation of charging infrastructure. It consists of 3 steps:

Analysis of your site(s) current consumption

Our approach has recently integrated the use of an energy diagnostic software that we wish to use upstream before any installation project. This is what we call the “energy” audit.

The primary goal is to analyse the current consumption of your site(s) in detail.



Recommendations on your current consumption (possible optimisations) and future consumption

Secondly, we will study the technical and economic feasibility of a project (installation of an electric or hydrogen charging stations for example) by simulating the future consumption in different usage scenario. The software can also take into consideration other future constraints such as CO2 reduction, self-consumption, etc.

Consumption real-time monitoring

At the end of the audit, depending on the scenario selected, we will suggest an optimisation plan (change in power subscription), equipment investment strategies (solar panels, batteries) and surplus electricity resale strategies that will enable you to optimise your current expenses and equipment purchase costs.


We offer all-inclusive subscription solutions to finance your installations over the lifespan of the equipment.

Did you say “all-inclusive”?


Recommandation & Guidance




Delivery & Installation




Controls & Maintenance


Full 5-year warranty

Technical and energy analysis

  • Detailed analysis of your consumption
  • Analysis and simulation of local energy production potential (electricity / hydrogen / storage aid)
  • Anticipating changes in production according to the weather
  • Optimisation of current consumption (change of power and subscription)
  • Study of the technical and economic feasibility of a project to install electric or hydrogen charging stations

Financing and implementation

  • A “turnkey” monthly rental offer
  • Establishment of a financing plan that includes applicable public subsidies
  • Quality equipment choice from the main suppliers in the market
  • Delivery and installation of the chosen equipment: production equipment (e.g. solar panel) and/or distribution equipment (e.g. charging station)
  • Supervision, regulatory controls, maintenance
  • Warranty over the entire subscription time
  • All services included

Intelligent piloting

  • Power drive
  • Real-time monitoring of production and consumption
  • Priority according to the constraints of the site and the operator (distribution, resale and CO2 reduction)
  • Production change anticipation thanks to intelligent sensors based on weather conditions
  • Consumption change anticipation thanks to AI prediction tools
  • Financial exploitation: implementation of an electricity resale strategy based on production and consumption forecasts and purchase prices in real time


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