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The difference that makes sense

KEYBAS offers disruptive and scalable solutions to meet the present and future needs of the aftermarket around 3 axes: Mobility, Energy and Workshop Management. Our group embraces multiple technologies: IoT, Energy, Digital, R&D, ….. Integrated and aggregated for our customers. We offer key solutions ” Business Automotive Solutions ” hence the acronym ” KEYBAS “.

The 24 * 7 digital experience

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Digital Used Vehicle Reconditioning

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Short term rental – free floating

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Financial expertise

Keybas offers financing solutions to help you acquire your equipment, or to replenish your cash flow.


Consulting expertise

Our professionals bring an enlightened view of the issues at stake and offer personalised support for your needs in interim management, audits, certifications, training, marketing and much more.


Technological expertise

The alliance of IT engineering and new technologies to develop dedicated, agile IT solutions that improve the management of day-to-day processes.

KEYBAS workshop offers a workshop management solution for the automotive, transport, public transport, agriculture, industry and construction sectors: a web portal for technical, financial and administrative follow-up workshops, an online shop for the purchase of consumables and equipment, also available in KB Services®, via its specific financing offers.

The latest IoT (Internet of Things) technologies to meet the challenges of process optimisation and traceability for your operations.

We optimise your industrial processes by monitoring machines and equipment through predictive, preventive and curative maintenance to guarantee your productivity.

And we also offer a technology for locating your equipment, products and vehicles, in order to optimise your performance through the analysis of each workstation, flows and overall processes.

KEYBAS contributes to the energy transition with KEYBAS energy dedicated to the integration of alternative energies (electric, hydrogen, CNG, etc…) to facilitate your energy transition.

Our added value: an independent approach, business expertise that enables us to analyse your existing and future needs (current fleet, current terminals, future fleet, future terminals) and propose sustainable solutions.

A complete solution for your energy infrastructure projects.